Dreams Do Come True Through Hard Work!

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28 Year old Annette Pele started the Health Analyst Programme in November 2019 at Chelstone Urban Health Centre. She is currently serving as the Provincial Coordinator in Western Province. This is her story “The program literally transformed me from a timid young lady, scared of taking up space to a fully fledged confident professional; I have been able to explore a career path in the health sector as well as gain valuable experience in the field. The program has allowed me to develop and refine valuable skills, network with key stakeholders in the field and overall build my professional network. Most importantly the program accorded me the benefit of transitioning into a full time employee at Avencion Limited.

Her success has not been without challenges, she says. “The biggest challenge I have faced on the program is confidence, I used to be very good at hiding it though, lol, as I advanced and took on bigger responsibilities my confidence issues also grew and this started affecting my performance in a big way. Thank God for the wonderful mentors we have on the program who continue to help us identify when we are slacking and help bring us back to speed.”

One of the key lessons she has learnt is, “always be willing to learn new things and don’t get defensive when receiving negative feedback because this helps you grow and develop as a person.”



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