Avencion HIV Retention Programme


The Avencion Retention Programme is a digital innovative approach being implemented with the Ministry of Health in Lusaka, Southern, Western, Luapula and Northern Provincial Health Offices with support from PEPFAR, CDC and USAID to improve the uptake of anti-retro therapy for people living with HIV, with the goal of helping clients suppress their viral load to improve their health outcome


Avencion is working in conjunction with the Ministry of Health through the provincial offices at selected HIV surge sites. Clients are enrolled on the Avencion Retention Program after orienting them on the benefits of being part of the Avencion Client Retention Tracking system to ensure they stay on treatment.


The Avencion Retention Package of Services includes:

1.     30-60 second health talk during enrolment of ART clients on importance of being Undetectable = Untransmittable

2.     Enable two-way digital communication between client and health provider

3.     Digital monitoring and tracking of appointments/attendance, SMS appointment reminders and missed appointment SMS messages; in addition, the model also provides alternative reminder approaches for ART clients without mobile phones;

4.     Improve patient movement tracking data quality: harmonizing verified ART client mobile numbers, community addresses & records with Smartcare; 95% of U=U enrolled clients have verified mobile numbers

5.     Targeted messaging via SMS and social media generating demand for health services specific to client situation

6.     Digital versions of Avencion content for customer care and change management focused on creating a welcoming environment and client-centered refresher orientations on a weekly basis