Life is quite a journey, every now and then we face so many highs, lows, loss, and suffering and we sometimes feel like life is unbearable however we get through days like this due to the presence of good friends in our lives. It’s the friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate this journey we call life. Healthy relationships play an important role in general wellbeing which is why people are a lot more healthier, happier, and less stressed when they have good friends to lean on. From a young age, we all strive to form friendships with people whom we dare to be ourselves with and cement a life-long friendship which is why finding a friend who we can rely on and call in moments of need, sadness, fear, love, and even the most happy moments of our lives is such a blessing to have and should be cherished.

Friendship truly is the best relationship we make in this world which is why before we let anyone into our lives it is important to think about what our friendship goals are and what type of people we would want in our circle. We also need to think and understand what makes a good and healthy friendship that is not only lasting and encouraging but positively affects our lives and that will push you towards being a better person.


There are people who have an easier time establishing as well as maintaining friendships than others while others find it quite hard to establish and maintain friendships and are left wondering what went wrong. Every friendship relies on mutual interactions, it should never be one sided. It is very important for us to take responsibility for our actions because we cannot change the way people behave however we can change our behavior and work towards being the very best version of ourselves and being better friends to others.


In order to be a good friend and develop a meaningful and lasting friendship, one must be trustworthy. Trust is comprised of several components, which include honesty, dependability, and loyalty. Trust is very important because it can either make or break the friendship, one cannot continue to be in a friendship when there is a lack of trust. In order for you to trust someone, you need to be able to be comfortable with them and be your true self around them.


A true friend is someone who will tell you what you need to hear even when it’s not something you would want to hear. Your friend should always have your best interest at heart therefore they need to speak openly from the heart.


In every friendship, dependability is very important. We need to be able to trust that our friends will be there for us when we need them and vice versa. It is important to make sure that we don’t let our friends down and stand up for them when they are unable to stand up for themselves.


No matter what type of relationship, loyalty is very important especially during the early stages of friendship. We need to be able trust that our friends will not go around telling people our personal business or speak ill about us behind our backs. We need to know that whatever happens our friends can be comfortable enough to confront us about whatever issues we may have and vice versa.


A true friend is someone who cares, listens and encourages you to be the best version of yourself. Someone you can pour your life into and vice versa and remember that as you pour yourself into the lives of others you need to be willing to learn from others.

You need to be around people who you can grow with physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Everyone needs a friend who you can learn from and share wisdom with, this requires good listening skills in order to allow good communication of our thoughts and feelings. When dealing with anyone especially our friends, they need to be empathetic and non-judgmental and respect our life choices regardless of how their opinions or life choices may differ from ours.


A friend is someone you can just have fun with, without forcing it. It’s important and very refreshing  to be around people who will keep you from taking life too seriously and just have fun and share great moments, banter and so much laughter with.


Personally, I find that It is very easy to hang out or be friends with people who are just like me however, I realized that I learn so much from people who are different from me which is why I try by all means to be around or be friends with such people because it helps me see the world a little differently. It challenges me and makes me more understanding of others, knowledgeable and it shapes me to be a better person. We all have different life experiences and I feel people who have experienced life in a way that I have never are the best people to learn from. I will give an example of my friendship with a young lady I met over 6 years ago. We are different in terms of age, personality, and just basic life interests but I have learned so much from her over the years, I must say these have been the best 6 years of friendship in my life. She has helped in shaping me to be a better and more goal oriented person. I get through each day knowing that I will not face any challenges on my own because I  have a friend I can call a sister. Just like every other relationship, we have our differences but it’s how we move passed them and relate to each other that defines our friendship. Friendship is truly an amazing thing and when you have the right friends it definitely makes life a whole lot easier and to me it feels like I won the jackpot. 

Written By: Kasonde Salome Muyoba

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